Wearable Obscura

T Shirts. The ultimate in rebellious fashion symbolism. If you want to make a statement, why would you buy a premade, silk screened  minion when YOU ( yes, YOU) can have a one of a kind, made to order, hand painted, lovingly fashioned, heavy, full cotton Shirt de T. Hot Rods, Chihuahua’s, Rockabilly. What ever you have in mind, Freddie is ready to put it on Cotton. Be sure to check out the Gift Shop for T Shirts created from Freddie’s Obscura canvases.

ratrod 55 olds2.jpg

Anything goes. Cars, Monsters, Flowers, buildings, dogs, cats, body appendages. It’s one of those yes things Freddie does. Did I mention its all about YOU?


Club T shirts can have a unique monster and each members car painted on the front or back of a shirt.

4 reapers.jpg

Or a one of a kind just for you or your pop!

57 150 chevrolet.jpg