Sandcast Sterling Silver

Whats that you say? Sandcast. Unless you’re a Navajo Artist or from the Medieval period, you most likely haven’t experienced Jewelry created using this ancient method.

Lead Freddie has mastered the art of Sand casting molten sterling silver into unique, one of a kind pieces. Freddie has a fully operational lapidary to produce unique stones that complement this lost art of silver creation.

If you’re an original, dont be looking for mass produced minion pieces that look identical. Each piece of Obscura Sand Cast 925 Sterling Silver is hand  formed prior to casting. Once completed, the process includes, cleaning, polishing and antiquing to bring out the rugged qualities inherent in this ancient process.
Think, ” perfection in imperfection. You’re not wearing jewelry, you’re wearing art.”

Dont see exactly what you want? Talk to Freddie, he’ll create something for you and you alone. It’s like going steady with your silversmith ( but you have to pay for your own jewelry).

opal egg pendant.jpg