Petroglyph Talisman

RA04Ancient Petroglyphs around with world have similar properties. They speak of legends, of events, of rituals and the worlds both seen and visioned.
Within these ancient creations are the talisman for today. Each bring clarity, protection, guidance and wisdom.
To reproduce these ancient artifacts for mass production as pretty trinkets would not do justice or bring honor to their creators, it would be theft. Instead, Led Freddie researches the petroglyphs history, finds its meaning and its talisman properties. If the history isn’t known, or the petroglyph has not been interpreted, Led Freddie will not recreate it, it’s time is not now.
sagePrior to the recreation using Navajo sand casting methods, Freddie performs a smudge ceremony over the sand (before the image is created in the sand), the silver and tools used. The creation begins to take life. This is done in respect of those who have created the images and to clear the workings of unwanted energy.

Each talisman is created as a master in 925 Sterling Silver. That master is then recreated in sand for a limited series of 10 pieces or less. Even though a master is used, each piece is unique and different from its sisters. The master is then melted, never to be recreated in its form. Once completed and ready to share, the series are laid out and a final smudge is performed.

The documentation process begins. The known name of the Petroglyph is written in its appropriate aboriginal name along with its English translation. The known history of the ayaPetroglyph is documented and the talisman properties are presented. The certificate is signed by Led Freddie and the corresponding  piece number along with the number in the series is certified. The certificate is presented to the owner.

The new owner is encouraged to lean its original name and memorize its talisman properties to honor its original creator and to maximize its benefits.

As with all Led Freddie creations, you are not wearing jewelry, you are wearing art.


Mother Sundance

Ya’ Astdaa (The Sky Woman) Talisman. 1 of 5 re creations.

Ya’ Astdaa (The Sky Woman)