Copper for health and style


If you’ve struggled with arthritis and have experienced the rewards of wearing copper, there is certainty you are a believer. Copper has been warn though millennia for its beauty and naturopathic qualities.
Each copper cuff is made to order using fire and force to create a rugged and beautiful cuff for you or loved one. Each is tempered for strength and will be cherished by its rightful owner.

copper wrist cuffs


  • Have you a unique sized wrist? Small or large or if you’re uncertain, please check out this simple how to measure,” and I will accommodate for your size during the creation process.

Eye of Athena; Primitive Bakar Necklace with Copper/ Labradorite Pendant


Primative Bakar Chain and Organic Labradorite pendantEye of Athena; Primitive Bakar Necklace with Copper/ Labradorite Pendant
The Bakar Necklace is based on a primitive Necklace originating in 350 -300 B.C. Samaria.

Each Bakar ( copper) ring is hand formed, tempered with fire and force. The organic Copper Pendant is uniquely formed and a translucent Labradorite Stone is fixed representing the Eye of Athena, Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Battle.
Necklace length is 24 inches and is reversible allowing the splendor of the Labradorite to be enjoyed from either side.


How to measure for a personalized Wrist Cuff


Id like to create a personalized Wrist cuff for you. One that you’ll cherish and wear with pride. To make one that fits you rather than you having to adjust to it, I need two simple measurements.
A) Measure around your thickest wrist
( use a soft tape measure or a string- but don’t pull it tight, let it sit loose).

B) Measure the thickness of your wrist
(this measurement tells me the size of the opening required to slip on easily)

wrist cuff

I’ll want to know if you like a tight fit or slightly loose to complete the fitting. Once you have it you’re welcome to fine tune it to your personal preference.

Lets get started today…