41 Led Sled


In real life, its coming along just fine. The real world will imitate art.

in the 1950’s car guys were busy building old cars into their own styles. That meant changing hubcaps to cutting off roofs. Fenders were filled with led. These were built to be seen, not to go fast. They were low to the ground and heavy in led filled body work.

1941 Led Sled

41 Led Sled 30 x 30 deep canvas $200
I’ll do your prized ride for $200 on a 16 x 24, or $300 on a 30 x 30 canvas.

led wall

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The Ivy Buddha


Ivy Buddha

Ivy Garden Buddha
12 x 12 Deep Canvas

Happy Buddha / Ho Tai / Prosperity Buddha
Ho Tai is often depicted in various forms as well, either with his arms above his head, reaching skyward, or sometimes holding a bag or knapsack over one shoulder. But no matter how he is depicted, he always has a happy face.

Signifies grace and internal beauty, and in Thai, he is called this “Phra LeeLaa”. Left hand raised, facing outward.

ivy budha all over print

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Wine Snob


A multitude of characteristics. Peach, plum, almond, raspberry, chocolate, bacon and so many more. He’ll pair the wine with the meal, the early and late harvests, the regions and the year. God forbid you say something simple like, ” I like a Merlot for Australia” you’ll be set in for an evening of refinement and elevation.

This wine snob is pretty quiet although very attention grabbing.

wine snob

36″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas

snob clock

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Arizona Sugar skull


The people of Mexico have it right. Rather than let the memory of passed loved ones fade, they celebrate them on the Day of the Dead. Feasting, Music, Memories, Candles and plenty of Tequila! ~ Sounds pretty good to me.

Arizona Sugarskull

10 x 10 Acrylic Deep Frame

throw pillow 2

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Facebook Profiles


Facebook Profiles

In the electro world of imaginary profiles, who are you really? Are you everyone you say you are? Is the person you ” Like” anything more than a figment of their own imagination? Whats real, what isn’t?

12 x 16 Deep canvas

facebook profile shirt

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Draco, Dragon of the North


Tonight … if you have a dark sky, make your acquaintance with the constellation Draco the Dragon, starting at nightfall. At mid-northern latitudes, Draco is a circumpolar constellation, meaning it is out all night long every night of the year. Northern Hemisphere summer evenings are the best time to look, because this is when the Dragon’s flashing eyes look down upon you from up high in the northern sky. This serpentine star figure wanders in between the Big and Little Dippers, with its tail found between the bowl of the Big Dipper and the star Polaris.

Draco the dragon is famous throughout mythology. This great beast was especially present in greek myth. One of the more popular stories involves Heracles and the twelve labors. Gaia gave Hera a golden apple tree when she married Zeus. Hera put the tree in the garden to be guarded by the Hesperides and a dragon called Ladon.

Heracles asks Atlas to gather the apples while he and Athena held up the sky. Atlas, thinking he could trick Heracles into holding the sky forever, gladly accepted the mission. When he returned with the apples, Heracles slipped the sky back on Atlas’ shoulders.

Yet another story is set during the Titan war with Zeus. Athena was attacked by a dragon. She flung it into the air, wrapping it around the pole. To this day, the dragon remains in the night sky.

The constellation, Draco, can be found revolving around the celestial North Pole. This type of constellation is said to be circumpolar.

It’s said you can see Draco in the aurora borealis ( northern Lights) if you watch closely.


Draco, Dragon of the North
36 x 36 inch Deep Canvas


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