Who Wears Obscura?



There’s unique qualities to the person who wears Obscura. The artistic creations are not intended for a mass audience or those who insist on marketing name brands and paying for the privilege. Meeting and getting to know my repeat customers I see the qualities each of them have in common.

First off is their individualism. They dont fit into easy to read molds and simple boxes but rather, they are complex and strong. They stand out in a crowd not by what they wear, what they own or drive, but by their radiance, their personalities.

They are each non conformists. They don’t prescribe to a certain look, a certain mindset or standard. They are their own person. Each have a rebellious nature but don’t protest for the sake of protesting. Instead, they stand for what they believe in and believe in what they stand for.

They are strong willed, determined and confident. They have chosen a piece ( or pieces) of Obscura that they have connected with on a personal level rather than purchased because of brand name, machine produced duplication or because of trending fads.

They are centered. They are connected to nature, to family, to their community and grounded in their beliefs.

They are connected with the Obscura item they own. The piece reminds them of a moment, it touches their heart, it somehow is an embellishment of who they are, it is a true reflection of who they are.

Thank you for embracing Obscura Studios. I am honored and privileged to share this connection with you.

Led Freddie Nelson

Hope to see you there.


I’m looking forward to attending and showing at the upcoming Mystic A-fair on February 10th. I’ll feature Copper Wrist Clasps, 925 Sterling Silver Creations and Acrylic painting of all sizes. I hope you’ll come and explore the alternative worlds of Tea Leave Readers, Tarot Card and Palm Readers, Natural Remedies. Meet a Faerie, Old Souls and just experience something new.

mystic fair

Introducing Artisan Chains By Richard


I’m honored to introduce Dr. Richard Elsesser (retired), Veterinarian, Humanitarian and Silver Artisan. I met Richard while sharing a Silver Smithing cooperative in Tucson, Arizona in 2014. Richard and his wife frequent the southern climate from their home in Michigan, U.S.A.
richard elsesser

Richard and I practiced the art of Navajo Sand Casting as well as Lost Wax Casting but Richards passions for intricate detail has taken him down an incredible path of creating Artisan Sterling Silver Necklaces and Bracelets which range from the simple and delicate to the robust and beautiful Sophia ( which my wife loves and proudly wears for formal events).

Unlike machine produced chains found in Jewelry stores, Richards Artisan silver wireChains are created in 925 Sterling Silver and start as straight wire. From there, Richard masterfully winds and cuts each single silver ring by hand, inspecting for perfection before moving to the next step in their creation.  Each ring is then, ringsaligned and tempered prior to Richard hand forming the rings into the desired pattern. With patterns ranging from a few hundred to thousands of individual rings, Richards attention to detail assures that every chain he creates is a true hand made artisan heirloom you will be proud to own, share and enjoy. Each incredible chain is made for its new owner, here is no inventory Richard draws on, each is hand made to the new owners preferred length. This is what true Artisan Creations are all about. Richard has a growing following of patrons across the United States and Canada. With a personalized creation in your hands, you too will see and feel the difference in an artisan piece over mass produced commodity work.

Below are just a few of the patterns Richard offers in his Artisan Collection.  Please contact Richard Directly for more information. Richard is a trusted Paypal vendor and will design a Necklace or Bracelet you will cherish.
Contact Richard Via email at:  athomemail@reagan.com

*Pricing subject to market value. Please contact Richard at athomemail@reagan.com for full details.

Healing Tree Harmonics


We live in a time where we are remembering that pharmaceuticals dont hold all the answers. We’ve begun to return to nature and its wonders to heal and nurture. One formulator is bringing a fresh look on how nature can hold our greatest remedy.
Healing Tree Harmonics founder and formulator, Mr. Braden Karringten  commissioned me to create this 16 x 40 inch painting but only after I would take time to read and learn about his unique product line.

health tree

The background fades from dark cobalt blue and black to a brilliant center, representative of the lack of knowledge being enlightened by truth and knowledge of a better way.

The lifeless forest, bare of leaves arch and reach towards the knowledge, towards the Healing Tree that is robust and vibrant seeking its blessings. This is symbolic of departing from sickness to health.

The Healing Tree bares both leaves and draws nature to it. 5 energy spirals combine to be representative of Braden Karringten’s 4 formulations (Bee Budz, Bee Haven, Chaga Nuggets, Gochaa) and the 5th large spiral unite them all representing wholeness.

For your health and to learn about Braden Karringten, please visit Healing Tree Harmonics


Available as prints and other fine products

Can I get that in a bathmat or coffee cup?


So you say your walls are filled with the hoard you’ve already accumulated in life but you jut have to have that one piece as the cherry on the cake? You just have to have a new coffee cup, shower curtain, T shirt or Iphone cover and it cant be just anything, its got to have a little Obscura to it? Be sure to check out your favorite painting to find exactly whats available. Who doesn’t need an Obscura wall clock?
Just check out the Gift Shop Obscura link  or
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I`m pleased to announce Obscura Studio`s has partnered with Society 6 to bring you a complete line of exciting Obscura to surround you. Everything from Apparel and wall tapestry to Home Decor, Stretched Canvas Prints and Tech goodies. I hope you`ll check out the website for unique links to individual categories or the main grand entrance.

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creating stain glass in paintings.


atI thought hard about stain glass and what it is that catches my eye and imagination. It’s more than the art or how light passes through it; it’s how it’s symbolic of how we live together.
Each piece alone is a fragment. Alone each piece is delicate and fragile but beautiful in itself yet each piece is undistinguished alone but when fragments are brought together, united by a common element they have reason, become whole and become strong.

Each beautiful piece is bound together by what it has in common; the need for its fellow pieces in order to shine, in order to be relevant. The led that binds each piece together in union gives the individual pieces strength. The led alone is nothing but when it becomes the union between the pieces it becomes a part of the entire window, it becomes a intricate piece of the whole, it alone provides the harmony, it provides the strength. Without the led to bind the pieces, there is nothing but calamity and in that calamity of beautiful pieces there is no strength.

I’ve been thinking about this because I’m drawn to try to paint that concept. Pull individual colours together and bind them with a fluid commonality.
Here’s a painting that’s been in my mind for a year, now on canvas. It’s also a gentle reminder of how I need to live my life. I’m a single piece of glass in a window filled with color and meaning.

Stained Tiger

EASY Business – Easy Terms


No one likes a run around or complicated terms, I know that personally (I’ve been waiting 6 months for high speed internet but that’s another story). So I like to keep things simple.

money.jpgFirst off: if you see something you like and know its got your name on it, email me at hotrod.lono@gmail.com . Unless its marked SOLD, its still for sale.

How to pay for something: I’m a trusted Paypal Merchant and have been since 1999.

If you meet me at a show, I accept Cash only.

If you want to commission a painting, T shirt, Sterling Silver or anything else that might pop up, I require a 50% Deposit with full payment due on delivery.

All prices shown are for the item only. Shipping when required is extra (I dont mark up shipping). I ship using a method that provides tracking of your item.