I wont bore you but here’s some of the skinny that is suppose to make you want to buy from me. I’m far from a conformist, I take a path that will teach life lessons rather than go with the flow and live inside a box. If I’m not challenged, I’m bored as hell. fred


I’m heavy into hotrods and custom cars. Built them since I was 15. Nomads, chopped Fords, Corvettes, every kind of cool car you can imagine and a few more. That’s why I’m into car T shirts and stuff that’s just a little off ( does not apply to fish or meat products).

I’m inspired by burn outs and oil spills, greasy cars and 50’s music. Colours, shapes and textures too. I love stain glass and admire those with that talent. My shop plays nothing but 40’s to 60’s music and depending on what I’m painting, you’ll hear a lot of 60’s folk music.


People inspire me too. Like my friend Terry Reim. Writer, photographer, living historian and the real story teller who lived everything 60’s. I learn from knowing great people and listen to their wisdom. Miss you buddy, you taught me to forget the word hate and start eliminating it from my vocabulary.

My travels have allowed me to study and master Navajo Sand Casting Techniques and my painting reflects the world I see. Call it looking at the world though rose coloured glasses but my pallet is bright in colour and expansive in subjects.

Animals? Love them more than many of the people I’ve 177560_251573991616055_949015870_o.jpgmet in life.

I (almost) grew up in a home where my mother had mega artistic talent and my father was an inventor and traveling salesman. I said I’d never follow in their footsteps but never say never. I’ve invented, Developed, traveled selling and been artsy fartsy forever. Photography, Music, cooking, Poetry, writing Paint on canvas and fire and Silver. Creation, that’s what it’s all about for me.        There… wanna buy something?