Sexy Smoked Salsa

Fresh Salsas are the first thing that greet you in a Mexican restaurant. The liven up your taste buds and prepare you for an evenings festivities. Take that concept, and add some smoke and now you’ve go a brand new flavor to enjoy. This quick recipe creates enough for two so its ideal for making small batches you can get creative with. Adjust the heat, the smoke, the seasoning to bring multiple versions to the same table.


6 Roma tomatoes

2 Jalapeno Peppers

1/2 cooking onion

1 bunch Cilantro




Lime juice to taste.

Core your tomatoes to keep your salsa from getting watery

Scoop out your Jalapenos of seeds. If you like to jack up the heat, leave a few in. I dare you.
Get ready to smoke. Turn your tomatoes over to smoke to keep them from going soggy and makes peeling off the skin much easier after smoking.


Cut and core the tomatoes and turn over on a cooking sheet ready to smoke

Core the jalapenos and turn over as the tomatoes.

Quarter the 1/2 cooking onion.

Place in your preheated smoker heated to 225 for 90 minutes

After smoking remove from smoker. Peel off the skin from the tomatoes. Cool and combine in a food processor.

Pulse the combination to be sure not to over process or it turns to soup.

Add Cilantro and quickly pulse.

Season with Salt, Cumin and Lime juice to taste

Place in fridge to cool, serve chilled.

Smoking preferences: Mesquite can be over powering so use sparingly. Hickory, Pecan or Orange creates a milder smoke flavor. If you want just a hint of smoke ( say you’re serving with fish for instance) smoke only the tomatoes and keep the onion and jalapenos fresh.

Temperature adjusting: Know your jalapeno. Most jalapeno bought today are mild so adjusting for preferential heat is easy. Leave a few seeds in if you want to jack things up or add additional jalapenos.

This is such a fast and easy recipe, its great to offer a mild and hot for your guests to enjoy.
Who says great food has to be difficult to make? Let the Fiesta begin!

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