Roadkill Heavenly Brisket

Beef brisket is the mouth watering favorite in every smokehouse restaurant across north America. While its not much use to the cow, its a staple on every smokers to do list.

The drawback to brisket is on its own its as tough as a radial tire and needs some nurturing to bring out its qualities. Long cooking times are a must or plenty of curing in brine for corned beef. Either way, it needs your attention but will pay you dividends for your efforts.

Preparation for smoking:
I always lean up my Brisket more than what you’ll get at the butcher shop. The notion that all that extra fat is needed to make it tender really doesnt apply if you simply pay attention to your cooking methods.  You can see how lean the cut is before I give it a rub down. Once trimmed, let it stand at room temperature while you prepare your smoker. If you place your brisket in a smoker right out of the fridge it goes into shock like a guy wading into a cold pool. Just say no to shrinkage!


Roadkill Heavenly Brisket Rub:
Cover your room temperature brisket in mouth watering Roadkill Heavenly Brisket Rub. Generously press the rub into both sides of the brisket. Use your knuckles to press the seasoning into the surface, flip it over and repeat. It’s now ready to be put fat side up in your favorite smoker. * If you like a hearty bark to your brisket, heavily cover both sides with course ground pepper. As it smokes the pepper looses most of its heavy heat and the flavor remains.
Watch for Roadkill Heavenly Brisket Rub in 8 oz packages coming to this site and Amazon soon.


Smoking Process:
Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees.
*( We like Pecan and Hickory for this)

Place in the smoker fat side up and smoke for 5 hours ( or until internal temperature reaches 170 Degrees).

Remove from the smoker and wrap in butcher paper or freezer paper and return to the smoker for an additional 2 hours.

Remove from the smoker and place the wrapped brisket in a cooler ( remove your beer cans first) and allow to stand for 1 hour before serving. This allows the meat to suck in any juices and more so tighten up to hold in its own succulent flavors. Its a great way to transport your brisket too if you’re heady to a buddies place for dinner.


Before you cut into it, please take a picture and share it with us on our facebook page;

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