The Art of Food from the Roadkill Cantina

After 43 years of cooking debauchery, Led Freddie opens his pantry doors to welcome you into the world of the Roadroadkill gastro framekill Cantina.

Freddie opens the vault to bring you incredible seasonings, that are ready to use and far above and beyond anything you’ve tried before. Not only are Roadkill Gastronome seasonings mouth watering, crowd pleasing and  perfectly original, you’re about to be introduced to the original and unique Roadkill cooking methods.

Freddie will train you to use his exclusive Roadkill Gastronome Tenderizing Bags, treat you to the secrets of his exotic and mouth watering seasoning mixes and much more. You’ll even learn the science behind the Roadkill Cooking method to amaze and astound your friends and fellow foodies.

Enjoy off the cuff cooking videos intended to inspire and entertain you and prove if you can hold a knife and drive a car, you can cook!

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