Who Wears Obscura?


There’s unique qualities to the person who wears Obscura. The artistic creations are not intended for a mass audience or those who insist on marketing name brands and paying for the privilege. Meeting and getting to know my repeat customers I see the qualities each of them have in common.

First off is their individualism. They dont fit into easy to read molds and simple boxes but rather, they are complex and strong. They stand out in a crowd not by what they wear, what they own or drive, but by their radiance, their personalities.

They are each non conformists. They don’t prescribe to a certain look, a certain mindset or standard. They are their own person. Each have a rebellious nature but don’t protest for the sake of protesting. Instead, they stand for what they believe in and believe in what they stand for.

They are strong willed, determined and confident. They have chosen a piece ( or pieces) of Obscura that they have connected with on a personal level rather than purchased because of brand name, machine produced duplication or because of trending fads.

They are centered. They are connected to nature, to family, to their community and grounded in their beliefs.

They are connected with the Obscura item they own. The piece reminds them of a moment, it touches their heart, it somehow is an embellishment of who they are, it is a true reflection of who they are.

Thank you for embracing Obscura Studios. I am honored and privileged to share this connection with you.

Led Freddie Nelson

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