Introducing Artisan Chains By Richard

I’m honored to introduce Dr. Richard Elsesser (retired), Veterinarian, Humanitarian and Silver Artisan. I met Richard while sharing a Silver Smithing cooperative in Tucson, Arizona in 2014. Richard and his wife frequent the southern climate from their home in Michigan, U.S.A.
richard elsesser

Richard and I practiced the art of Navajo Sand Casting as well as Lost Wax Casting but Richards passions for intricate detail has taken him down an incredible path of creating Artisan Sterling Silver Necklaces and Bracelets which range from the simple and delicate to the robust and beautiful Sophia ( which my wife loves and proudly wears for formal events).

Unlike machine produced chains found in Jewelry stores, Richards Artisan silver wireChains are created in 925 Sterling Silver and start as straight wire. From there, Richard masterfully winds and cuts each single silver ring by hand, inspecting for perfection before moving to the next step in their creation.  Each ring is then, ringsaligned and tempered prior to Richard hand forming the rings into the desired pattern. With patterns ranging from a few hundred to thousands of individual rings, Richards attention to detail assures that every chain he creates is a true hand made artisan heirloom you will be proud to own, share and enjoy. Each incredible chain is made for its new owner, here is no inventory Richard draws on, each is hand made to the new owners preferred length. This is what true Artisan Creations are all about. Richard has a growing following of patrons across the United States and Canada. With a personalized creation in your hands, you too will see and feel the difference in an artisan piece over mass produced commodity work.

Below are just a few of the patterns Richard offers in his Artisan Collection.  Please contact Richard Directly for more information. Richard is a trusted Paypal vendor and will design a Necklace or Bracelet you will cherish.
Contact Richard Via email at:

*Pricing subject to market value. Please contact Richard at for full details.

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