Healing Tree Harmonics

We live in a time where we are remembering that pharmaceuticals dont hold all the answers. We’ve begun to return to nature and its wonders to heal and nurture. One formulator is bringing a fresh look on how nature can hold our greatest remedy.
Healing Tree Harmonics founder and formulator, Mr. Braden Karringten  commissioned me to create this 16 x 40 inch painting but only after I would take time to read and learn about his unique product line.

health tree

The background fades from dark cobalt blue and black to a brilliant center, representative of the lack of knowledge being enlightened by truth and knowledge of a better way.

The lifeless forest, bare of leaves arch and reach towards the knowledge, towards the Healing Tree that is robust and vibrant seeking its blessings. This is symbolic of departing from sickness to health.

The Healing Tree bares both leaves and draws nature to it. 5 energy spirals combine to be representative of Braden Karringten’s 4 formulations (Bee Budz, Bee Haven, Chaga Nuggets, Gochaa) and the 5th large spiral unite them all representing wholeness.

For your health and to learn about Braden Karringten, please visit Healing Tree Harmonics


Available as prints and other fine products

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