The Organic Series ~ 5 Organic Sterling Silver Pendants.

Each Pendant is hand created and impossible to duplicate. These organic shaped pendants use natural elements during the molten silver process to create distinct shapes and textures. Priced individually (without chain unless specified).

turquoise shieldTurquoise Shield ~ Organic Free form
Sterling Silver with  Bisbee Turquoise with Sterling Silver chain


sacred pahuaSacred Pauha ~ Organic Free form
Sterling Silver/ Pauha shell
With Sterling Silver chain

desert skull.jpgGrizzled in the desert sun. Picked clean by vultures.

Desert Skull~ Organic Free form
Sterling Silver
Appox 20 Gr

lunar oranism.jpgThe caverns or mars, the craters on the moon Unknown life forms.

Lunar Organism  Pendant ~ Organic Free form
Sterling Silver / Pauha Shell
Approx 20 Gr.

water garden

Water Garden~ Organic Free form
Truly organic Sterling silver pendant.
Approx 20 Grams

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( Contest closes Dec, 1, 2017 )

Australian outback~ Organic Free form
Sterling silver with Australian vain opal
Retail value $40.00


I accept paypal. If you’re in the Vernon, B.C. area, I can provide free delivery. All items are shipped with a tracking number for your convenience.

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