Sheridan Lake Stone

Cool mornings give way to hot afternoons at the cabin on Sheridan lake.This summer was far from normal. Forrest fires were eating up the mountains on the opposite side of the lake and it was no time until you would be told to evacuate, but you took some time sharadin lake stoneon the beach to reflect on all that was going on. Everything was in turmoil but you took time to pick up a simple quartz stone, just because.  That stone means nothing to anyone but in that moment it meant everything. It was something solid to hold onto in the noise. It meant enough to hang onto and keep, not throw back in the water.
Now the fires have passed and you’ve settled into your normal. Now your stone can remind you of survival, success in overcoming, in being stronger than the moment or moments to come, it can be your talisman.

Each of us have that stone. The stone that was picked upstones because. It collects dust but still means enough not to throw away. Have your stone mounted in a unique fashion as a pendant. It will be shaped to fit a setting, polished by hand and set in a unique one of a kind rustic Sterling Silver setting. You provide the stone. Cost is between $20.00 – $35.00.


sharadin stone.jpg

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