creating stain glass in paintings.

atI thought hard about stain glass and what it is that catches my eye and imagination. It’s more than the art or how light passes through it; it’s how it’s symbolic of how we live together.
Each piece alone is a fragment. Alone each piece is delicate and fragile but beautiful in itself yet each piece is undistinguished alone but when fragments are brought together, united by a common element they have reason, become whole and become strong.

Each beautiful piece is bound together by what it has in common; the need for its fellow pieces in order to shine, in order to be relevant. The led that binds each piece together in union gives the individual pieces strength. The led alone is nothing but when it becomes the union between the pieces it becomes a part of the entire window, it becomes a intricate piece of the whole, it alone provides the harmony, it provides the strength. Without the led to bind the pieces, there is nothing but calamity and in that calamity of beautiful pieces there is no strength.

I’ve been thinking about this because I’m drawn to try to paint that concept. Pull individual colours together and bind them with a fluid commonality.
Here’s a painting that’s been in my mind for a year, now on canvas. It’s also a gentle reminder of how I need to live my life. I’m a single piece of glass in a window filled with color and meaning.

Stained Tiger

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